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Fresh | Modern | Photojournalistic Style | Wedding Photography

Red Wave Weddings

We strive to capture the authentic uniqueness of each moment by approaching your wedding day with fresh energy and complete dedication leaving you with images to treasure forever.

After all, forever is what your Wedding Day is all about.


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We love what we do

Get ready

Our strong photojournalism and outdoor photography backgrounds have produced various photo stories and magazine spreads over the years. Because of our unique experiences in fast-paced settings (sports, news, and documentaries) we are qualified and capable of anticipating moments before they happen. You don’t need to tell us where to be - we’re already there.



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And we do it well


Your wedding deserves style, skill, and no (additional) stress. When you invite us, you get fun and relaxed professionals. It is our job to capture the emotions of your friends, your family, your spouse, and you.

It is our job to leave you with treasures: the moment you finish lacing up your dress, the moment it all becomes real, the delicate, thrilling moments of anticipation before walking down the aisle, and the uncontained energy in the aftermath of “You may kiss the bride.”



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so trust us


So, in summary, what can you expect on your wedding day? You can expect the anti-contrived photography experience; we won’t ask you to walk down the aisle again, or repeat your first kiss. We’re on our feet, experienced, and ready. Each Red Wave Wedding is approached with as much fervor and dedication as if the wedding was our own. You won’t have to worry about whether or not we got your good side, or if there are enough images of the best man, or if the lighting is okay. It’s an honor to be at a wedding, and we can’t wait to be at yours.


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