We strive to capture the authentic uniqueness of each moment by approaching your wedding day with fresh energy and complete dedication leaving you with images to treasure forever. After all, forever is what your Wedding Day is all about. Wedding Photography and Elopements in Colorado, and the World.

 our approach

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Our approach is very simple really. We photograph your wedding in a natural and organic manner. We let the day take its journey as it should and capture the happiness and energy of the bride, groom, friends and family, as it happens. However, we understand you are not professional models. So, while we strive to photograph the emotion of the day as it naturally occurs, we will help you with directions as needed. Bottom line is we will always make sure that you look your best!

That being said, the most beautiful and memorable moments happen naturally. For most of the day, we will stand back and watch. We will be there to catch you and your bridesmaids joking around when getting ready, we will be there to catch your soon-to-be husband/wife watching you walk down the aisle at your ceremony, and we will definitely be there for all the hugs, laughs, and joy tears that will come throughout the day. We will always be ready to catch those organic moments between you, your friends and family. And for some of the day, when you need our experience and expertise, we will remind you to breathe, put your left hand on his chest, gently stroke her hair, or hug each other tightly. We will take it from here.

What we do

how we do it 


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We tend to be a little more involved in your wedding than your average photographer. After all, the one person you will be spending the longest time with on your wedding day will be your photographer. We do our best to help you keep you on schedule throughout the day, and make sure we dot the i’s and cross all the t’s of your wedding photography list. We like to walk a fine line between giving you enough direction to make sure we get the best images possible for you and allowing the day to move naturally. We will remind you that sunset time is close and that we have picked a beautiful spot for some quick portraits before dance time. We will help you set up for the first look, but will let you take it wherever it goes. And we will be there, ready to capture every moment.

You may have also noticed that I have been referring to Red Wave Weddings as “we.” The reason is simple. I , Kris Ugarriza, have a wonderful team of photographers who help me make Red Wave happen. As the lead photographer, I will focus on the bride, while my second will focus on the groom. When the bride and groom are together, however, my second will focus on the friends, the candids, grandma and grandpa hugging in the background, and the kiddos running around after the ceremony; allowing me to fully focus on both of you. We all work as a team and I could not do what I do without them.

What else?

Step by step 


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But most importantly,

we’ll make sure you
stay light on your feet
and always smiling!

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